Over the last several decades, countless research studies have been performed and are still investigating ways to live healthier, longer lives, with special emphasis on anything that can slow down the overall aging process, or prolong life expectancy.

This universal desire to stay youthful is, at least, something we can all agree on to some extent. Those with the most insatiable quests to find all the answers to aging well have likely seen many of these, as many are agreed-upon keys that can benefit almost anyone.

The good news is that we are unravelling the aging mystery and are learning how to control many of the variables that directly impact the adverse effects of aging. The bad news? While all of these variables are widely universal for most people, there is still no one-size-fits all prescription for stopping or slowing the aging process. Pulling these levers will put the odds more strongly in your favor – and then to give yourself an additional advantage; learn how you can support your body’s NMN and NAD with a supplement that really works.


  1. Pay attention to your body
    • This sounds simple, but self-awareness is key for noticing signals from your body that can act like little alerts. These alerts can sometimes tell us what the body is missing or needing.
  2. Ask your DNA & your family
    • Family history, especially hereditary conditions, are very important factors to consider as we age, as well as what our DNA has to say about our cells’ condition and programming.7
  3. Stay Active, Keep Moving
    • Early death and a variety of chronic illnesses are linked to sedentary lifestyles and inactivity, studies show.1 Exercise and physical activity, even just small amounts most days, can have a positive effect
  4. Eat Healthy & Mindfully
    • Not eating enough veggies is tied to skeletal and muscular decline in aging adults.2 Waist size is tied to coronary risk in aging adults.3 How we eat and whether we get the right nourishment plays a significant role in our aging processes.4
  5. Give Back & Be Social
    • Activities that boost our well-being are linked to better overall wellness, both mentally and physically.5 (Especially volunteering, spending time in social groups, and through intergenerational connections.6)

There are far more ways that science has shown — and continues to uncover — that we can positively impact our own aging. Finding ways to strengthen your health and your happiness goes a long way in unlocking your body’s key recipe for the best, longest life you can live! At Fluoressa, we’re dedicated to sharing what we learn about aging — so you can shine and share, too.